Welcome to the 2021 Annual VMC National Meet

September 9th – 12th, Las Vegas, NV

The Desert Oasis Jewel that is Las Vegas beckons, and should you answer the call, the payoff is a sure-fire bet!  Join us for a weekend of Las Vegas Hospitality, and Scenic Desert, High Sonoran Mountain, Lake Country Riding, and Victory Fellowship for the 20th Annual VMC National Meet.

Our selected Hotel will surround you and your guests with lavish comfort, world class cuisine, and amenities in true Las Vegas style, while our rides will take you on a motorcycle inspired visual trip to some of the most beautiful scenery the Southwest has to offer.

Las Vegas was officially founded on May 15th, 1905.  It was the driving force behind the creation of Clark County NV.  Its name comes from a trader named Antonio Armijo, who was exploring along the Spanish trail to California.  When he came upon the area with its abundant wild grasses and desert spring waters, he referred to it as Las Vegas for “The Meadows”.

The greater Las Vegas area has a history steeped in varied lore, from the real-world connection to the infamous Area 51, Alien Sightings, and Nellis Air Force Base, to Casinos, The Mob, Nuclear Testing and Miss Atomic Bomb (Yes, that’s a Mushroom-Cloud Bikini). What most of the lore misses is the picturesque Desert Mountain and Lakeside riding to be had.  Select our Featured Rides Link for more info. For those looking for a little more of the legendary Vegas party life, we will be staying at The Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino right in the Fremont Street. 

Our selected site also has rapid access to some of Las Vegas’s most desired nightlife and tourist attractions.  In addition to the hotel and its on-site casino, our attendees will have immediate access to the living and digital spectacle that is The Fremont Street Experience.  This premier venue was recently remodeled at a cost of over $32 Million, and is now in High Definition.  It is a nonstop fireworks show on the World’s Largest HD screen at 1375 feet long and 90 feet wide, suspended 90 feet overhead.  It is a true sight to behold.  Stunning as it is, this is only the backdrop for an evening’s activities on Fremont street.  There are 9 World Class Casinos in easy walking distance with multiple themed bars in each, so there should be no dry mouths or empty glasses in sight.  Live bands, free concerts, and street performers add to the local ambiance, and if anyone is feeling adventurous, the SlotZilla Zip-Lines are directly overhead, allowing our guests to let their hair down, and fly down the length of Fremont Street for what is without doubt, a most memorable experience.

So, You IN?!?  Register HERE